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are you going to a spx scene report at some point?

SPX scene report:

20 years later, Bethesda still sucks.

25 years later, it’s still kinda nice to have your dad drive you to and pick you up from a comic book convention.

Charles Burns and Chris Ware look a lot alike.

I’m not as interested in Dan Clowes as I used to be.

It’s is difficult to start a fight between Dan Clowes and Chris Ware.

Stephen Weissman is not Michael Kupperman.

Francoise Mouly is French in the most stereotypical way possible.

Jaime Hernandez is cool but I don’t know enough about Love & Rockets to really follow his Q&A.

The girl at the Fantagraphics booth is cute.

The girl at the SPX booth is cute.

Lisa Hanawalt is cute.

That guy from Picturebox that nobody likes is really weird and twitchy.

No girls who don’t already know me want to talk to me.

I get recognized a lot less from the internet when I’m not in New York.

Anthony Meloro is a hella nice guy.

Ben Marra is also nice.

People are friendly when I tell them what my day job is.

Many people are making comics.  Most of them are too cute, or too abstract.  There is a distinctive lack of non-autobriographical narrative comics being made by new artists, books that are both nice to look at and fun/enlightening to read.  Future Jeans contributions will mostly be solicited from people on the internet.

People seem to like Jeans.

Leah and I misstapled many of the copies of Jeans.

My ex said she didn’t want me to talk to her unless it was an emergency, so I didn’t, but I think when we passed each other in the lobby, she was expecting me to.

Leah is a good person to go to cons with.

Intimidating, talented comics people like Michael DeForge and Johnny Negron are actually nice in person.

The guy who does the SPX tumblr is really nice and has a beautiful family.

It is difficult to find a good Love & Rockets t-shirt.  The good designs are on bad colors, the so-so designs are on good colors.

I will never get laid again and die alone and forgotten in the gutter.

Photos forthcoming.
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